Passing along a great read about sports 10 Apr 13

Hey there all you readers of the column, just wanted to pass along this story. I won’t take credit for this one at all. The story comes from the Minnesota State High School League but I thought you all would enjoy the read! –Joel


Skip Dolan, who coaches boys basketball and girls softball at Annandale High School – and has coached for a total of 72 varsity seasons – spoke at a Kiwanis luncheon last week. He was asked about the situation at Rutgers University, where men’s basketball coach Mike Rice was fired after a video surfaced of him hitting, shoving and berating his players.

While speaking at the Kiwanis luncheon, Dolan was asked about Rice and what he did in his practices at Rutgers. The following are some of Dolan’s comments…

“Coaches getting intense is part of the nature of the beast, but what made me truly sick about the Rutgers situation is that I truly believe one of the best classrooms in our schools is the athletic fields and courts.”

“Mike Rice did not take advantage of the opportunity to teach these young men of our future so many things that are going to help them be successful in life. Instead, he destroyed a golden opportunity to be a quality teacher which had nothing to do with coaching.”

“Many of you sitting out in the audience listening to me either have hired young people or will be hiring them in the future. Wouldn’t you like to hire a young man or woman that was taught the following qualities every day while they were in school?

* You need to show up every day

* You need to be on time.

* You need to be accountable.

* You need to work even harder today, to be better than you were the day before.

* You need to learn to work with a group of people and tolerate all of differences. Be a team!

* You need to learn to be confident, and yet be humble.

* You will learn to respect authority.

* You will learn how to show gratitude.

“I tell you and my players, if these traits are instilled, whether a young person goes on to college or joins the work force, they will be successful. That player will have pride in themselves and their life.”

“Shame on Rutgers for destroying such a classroom!”

“It makes me sick that we have people that don’t get the real meaning of what we are trying to accomplish in the coaching profession.”