Wrongful Death Verdict 29 Apr 13

A verdict has been reached in a wrongful death lawsuit against the New Ulm Medical Center.

An Iowa woman had sued the hospital and Allina Health System over the death of her husband in 2006. Verlyn Buls had visited the hospital’s emergency room early in the day with abnormally low blood pressure and an unknown skin condition. He was given a type of steroid and discharged, but came back later in the evening and collapsed and died.

The jury in the case found negligence on both sides. The ruling is that the New Ulm Medical Center was 60% responsible for Buls’ death, but that he was also negligent for not disclosing prior health issues. The total costs incurred by Buls’ wife have been estimated at $410,000, which includes medical, funeral and burial costs. Allina will pay 60% of that, or $246,000.