Hutchinson Prepares for Mosquito Season 01 May 13

The City of Hutchinson will be implementing the ninth year of its mosquito population reduction efforts this year. The goal of the program is to reduce the number of nuisance mosquitoes. Along with being a nuisance, some mosquitoes can be the transmitter of several serious diseases.

The company chosen to help maintain the mosquito control program is Clarke Mosquito Control, Clearwater, MN. They encourage any residents who may have questions, to call them toll free at (800) 240-4262. More information can also be found at the City of Hutchinson website:

Larval Treatment & Light Trap Set ~ Completed April 29, 2013

The focus of the adulticide program will again be to minimize active adult mosquitoes. As trucks move about the neighborhoods using ultra-low volume sprayers mounted in the back, a light visible fog will move through the area. The fog will not cause visibility problems. Common-sense precautions should be taken, including keeping away from the spray vehicles and out of the fog cloud. The majority of the spraying will be done from dusk to midnight or early morning before dawn.

The following dates are proposed dates of treatment. Treatments are proposed for Monday nights, if weather permits. Tuesday nights will be the standard alternate. Treatments may be extended if deemed necessary by City Officials.

Truck ULV Treatments ~ Tentative dates

Monday, May 20 Monday, June 17

Monday, June 3 Monday, June 24

Monday, June 10 Monday, July 1