Sheriff Warns of Warm-weather Pests 01 May 13

With the improvement in the weather, Wright County Sheriff Joe Hagerty warns residents of unwanted pests.

During the past several years, rural homeowners have experienced unsolicited sales of an asphalt product for application to gravel surfaces on their property.

Hagerty says many of these salesmen are from southern states and claim they are working in the area and have extra material left over. They supply a business card with an 800 number and a business name. They do not provide a written estimate.

Once the homeowner agrees to have the work done, a crew soon appears with dumptrucks and a paver. During the application, the same salesperson or a member of the crew approaches the homeowner for additional work. The original price continues to rise and soon the homeowner is asked to pay for more than was originally agreed upon.

Often, the product is a subpar product and not what many people consider commonly used for an asphalt surface.

Homeowners who experience such an encounter are asked to contact the Wright County Sheriff’s Office immediately at 763 682 1162 or 911.