Shooting Hoax Apology 03 May 13

The parents of a New Prague middle school student who reported a false shooting have removed the boy from the district.

The family’s attorney says it’s an effort to get the boy to grasp the seriousness of the situation, and also to heal the family’s relationship with the city and school district. The family has also released a handwritten note written by the boy — an apology to teachers, students, emergency responders, and the community.

The New Prague school superintendent says the family needs understanding and forgiveness and help with healing as well.

The young man is described as a special needs student who is under constant supervision at home and at school who made the 911 call claiming someone was shooting an AK-47 in the school when his aid stepped away for a bathroom break.

He apparently used an old cell phone that belonged to his parents – disabled cell phones can still make 911 calls.