Wright County CityWatch 18 May 13

  Everyone looks for way to cut costs and some people do this by cutting the cord – the phone cord.  It’s estimated that 25-30% of households only have a cell phone.

     There are many reasons for keeping or getting rid of a landline.  Cost-wise ditching the landline might be a money saver.  On the other hand, cell phone lines can quickly become jammed during emergencies.

     If you are the one in four with only a cell phone but want to be contacted by Wright County during an emergency situation, you can now sign up on the Wright County internet site.  There is a link on the Wright County homepage to “Sign up to Receive Emergency Notifications.”  You will be brought to the “Wright County Citizen SignUp” page where you register your address and create your own private password.

     The Wright County CityWatch notification system is used by the county to notify citizens of impending emergency situations or to relay important information.  Right now the CityWatch system relies on landline phones but by registering your cell phone, you can be part of the system to be notified of emergencies or important events.  

     It’s easy to sign up so take time today to register your cell phone. www.co.wright.mn.us