HLWW Bonding Questions Fail 24 May 13

Voters in the Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted Public School District voted down requests for building improvements Thursday.

Two questions were on the ballot asking voters to approve two projects for improvement of school facilities at a total cost just over $26.6-million.

Unofficial results show Question 1 failed with 897 voting no and 496 voting yes.

Question 2 failed with 908 voting no and 483 voting yes. Question 1 asked voters to authorize the district to issue about $19.8-million in general obligation bonds for construction of a new middle school and partial demolition and repair to the existing middle school.

Had question 1 been approved, voters were asked if they would authorize the district to issue just over $5.8-million in general obligation bonds for renovation and additions to Humphrey Elementary and Winsted Elementary Schools.

  • Joe

    Good for the HLWW school district! I hope that this will send a message to the board, and please don’t try to rerun this referendum again this fall. We don’t need the same BS we had when the new high school was pushed through. We are still paying for the new high school that has too small a gym to host tournaments. Land that we paid an exuberant amount of money to purchace.
    A few hundred bucks a year over a lot of years adds up. Especially when money is tight on the home front, and I see so many poor decisions made in the past by our officials. A lot of families are struggling to pay their bills. Some folks have not seen a pay raise in years. So we make sacrifices to make things work. I think you (the school board) should use the same reasoning.

  • DJB

    Hey Joe, Maybe YOU should go back to school & learn how to SPELL!!! And what kind of tournaments did you want held in the gym??? How much drinking & smoking & maybe other things do YOU spend money on?? And IF you were the farmer that sold his land to the school district would YOU have NOT wanted the most money you could have gotten for it??? .