Flag Burning Suspect Photos 04 Jun 13

The Willmar Police Department has posted photos of the suspects

in the weekend flag burnings on their facebook page.

KWLM reports there are two sets of photos…the first is an

overhead shot of 4 different suspects walking or running down a

sidewalk. They appear to be young, maybe teen Caucasian males. The

second set of photos was taken through a store window and show a

suspect, possibly wearing a mask.

Flags were burned outside Kitchen Fair and Midas in and near

downtown early Sunday morning, and no arrests have been made at this


To see the photos go to www.facebook.com and type-in Willmar

Police Department. Willmar Police Chief Dave Wyffels asks people not

to jump to conclusions about who burned the flags or why, but says it

certainly does not appear to be some sort of hate crime or terrorism.