Emmer Announced 6th District Run 06 Jun 13

Former state Rep. Tom Emmer announced Wednesday in his hometown

of Delano that he will run for the 6th Congressional District seat

being vacated by Rep. Michele Bachmann.

According to the Pioneer Press, Emmer said, “I’m running for

Congress to change the culture in Washington and restore Americans’

trust in our government,”

Emmer is the the first candidate to jump into what is almost

certain to be a wide-open race for the GOP nomination since Bachmann

made her surprise withdrawal announcement last week.

At least 10 other past or present Republican officeholders and

party leaders have expressed interest in running, but Emmer likely

will be the best-known candidate in the field and probably got a leg

up on other hopefuls by coming out of the chute first.

So far, no Democratic hopefuls have emerged in the

Republican-leaning district. DFLer Jim Graves, who nearly unseated

Bachmann two years ago, dropped out of the race two days after

Bachmann announced she wasn’t seeing re-election, saying his only

reason for running was to defeat her.

Emmer, a lawyer who served three terms in the state House, gained

statewide exposure as the 2010 GOP nominee for governor, a race he

lost to DFLer Mark Dayton by less than half a percentage point after a

recount. But that contest showed his appeal in the 6th District. He

received 53 percent of the district’s votes in that election to 35

percent for Dayton and 12 percent for Tom Horner of the Independence