FEMA grant to fix up Paynesville Baseball Field 10 Jun 13

The Paynesville Baseball Field is getting a new grandstand, with funding from FEMA. The St. Cloud Times reports the future grandstand will draw more than 60% of it’s funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agencies Mitigation Funds. The over $461 thousand dollar grant is possible since the builders of the grandstand will make it into a dual purpose structure. One purpose to seat people for ballgames, church and theatre events…and the other purpose to protect students as a storm shelter from winds of 250 mph. Money was given to Minnesota because of the flooding in the spring of 2010, and the state chose the project in Paynesville as one of the most important projects going forward. The Paynesville grant also requires the school district to come up with a little more than $150 thousand dollars of non federal money. The Paynesville Baseball Club has raised $300 thousand dollars for the project already.