Swindle Sentence 02 Jul 13

A former Glencoe businessman accused of swindling more than a dozen lenders out of over $300,000 has been sentenced to 360 days in jail and 20 years of probation for the crimes.

49-year-old Bryan James Koepp avoided going to trial on the felony theft by false representation charges by pleading guilty to 4 counts under an Alford Plea, which means that he maintains his innocence while acknowledging that there was enough evidence for a conviction.

The alleged swindling of Koepp’s investors took place over a 2-year period while he was the owner of the Glencoe Garden Center. He will be allowed to serve the jail time as work release.

He did receive prison time for the 4 counts, but the sentences were stayed as long as Koepp remains law-abiding. If not, he will serve upwards of 30 months in prison followed by 15 months of supervised release.

Koepp was also ordered to pay 15 different restitution amounts totaling around $367,000, to be paid off by next March.