Arlington Traffic Signal to be Removed 08 Jul 13

The Minnesota Department of Transportation will replace the

traffic signal at the intersection of Highway 5 and Main Street in

Arlington tomorrow (Tuesday, July 9th) with a two-way stop sign that

will improve traffic flow and safety at the intersection.

All signs currently at the intersection will remain, and

motorists on Main Street will need to continue to heed stop signs

before entering the intersection. Highway 5 motorists will not need to

stop at the intersection, except when pedestrians are crossing.

The decision was based on an evaluation that began in April

during which MnDOT, the Arlington Police Department and Sibley County

staff closely monitored traffic operations at the intersection. During

the evaluation, no crashes or close calls were observed, and motorist

compliance and acceptance of the revised traffic control has been

excellent, according to MnDOT.

An earlier MnDOT study determined that current and forecasted

traffic was not high enough to warrant the signal at Highway 5 and

Main Street that has been in-place for at least 30 years.

Replacing the signal with through-stop control (two-way stop) is

expected to reduce the frequency and severity of crashes, based on

crash records from other urban through-stop controlled intersections

on the state highway system, with similar volumes of traffic. It is

believed that through-stop controlled intersections have fewer crashes

because motorists are required to be attentive and actively look for a

safe gap in traffic, rather than relying on a traffic signal

indication that does not tell the motorist if it is safe to enter the


In addition to expected crash reduction benefits, the removal of

the signal will result in cost savings to both the city of Arlington

and the state.