Cokato Museum/Listen to the Music 08 Jul 13

The Cokato Museum has a new temporary display opening tomorrow

(Tuesday, July 9), called “From Edison to IPod: Listen to the Music.”

The display looks at the progression of how people make and enjoy

music through a variety of mediums. As the display title notes, you

can literally find items ranging from an early Edison cylinder

phonograph to an IPod. Also featured are a variety of radios,

stereos, and other listening devices.

Museum Director Mike Worcester says there were a number of local

businesses that sold electronics. Ads from many of those places were

copied and when prices are noted, they added what the item would cost

in 2013 dollars.

Musical instruments are also seen in the display, ranging from

fiddles to banjos to a drum set.

There are also references to some of the many local bands

audiences have enjoyed over the years.

If residents have radios, stereos and even early generation

portable listening devices they are looking to part with, along with

memorabilia from local bands, the museum is always looking for


For more information, please contact the museum at 320-286-2427,

on the web at, or check out their Facebook page.