Heat/Algal Blooms 17 Jul 13

When the summer temperatures rise, conditions are ripe for
Minnesota lakes to produce harmful algal blooms. The Minnesota
Pollution Control Agency reminds people that a type of algae called “blue-green algae” can harm pets, livestock and even people.

Harmful algal blooms often smell unpleasant and can look like pea soup, green paint, or floating mats of scum. The M-P-C-A is warning people to stay away from any pond or lake that looks and smells bad, and to keep children and pets away from the affected area until the bloom subsides.

Once an algal bloom has started, there is no way to correct it
except waiting for weather changes to disrupt the algae’s growth.

Over the long term, people can reduce the occurrence of algal
blooms by avoiding the use of phosphorus-containing fertilizers, which are generally banned in Minnesota, and by promptly cleaning up pet waste and lawn clippings.