Renville County Approves Wheelage Tax 24 Jul 13

The Renville County Board of Commissioners voted 4-1 Tuesday to adopt a $10 wheelage tax as allowed by the Legislature and will be imposed through 2018.

The West Central Tribune reports the estimated $175,000 it will raise annually will be applied toward the interest costs on a $10 million bond issue the commissioners are considering to improve a portion of the county’s road system.

Commissioner Randy Kramer, of Buffalo Lake, cast the lone vote against the $10-per-vehicle wheelage tax, although he joined the other commissioners in stating that increased revenues are needed to maintain the county’s roads.

All five commissioners expressed their displeasure with the tax itself. They voiced concerns that the tax opens the door to placing a greater burden on counties. They cited concerns about its fairness as well, noting that small cars and heavy trucks all pay the same fee.