McLeod County Adopts Wheelage Tax 01 Aug 13

McLeod County Commissioners have approved implementing a wheelage tax.

The resolution passed on a 3-2 vote earlier this week.  The $10 motor vehicle tax will go into effect January 1st.

Recently, Kandiyohi and Renville counties also approved adopting the tax.

Meeker County Commissioners voted down the proposal.

According to the Association of Minnesota Counties, over half of Minnesota’s 87 counties have taken action to implement the tax, which will be used to improve roads.

Under the plan, the state will collect the revenue when people purchase license tabs for vehicles. The state will return it to counties in monthly payments. 

  • sos

    Tax by a user fee not just the same tax for everyone; everyone does not have the same usage on the roads!

  • Myron W

    So were going to give the money to the state so they give it back!! what is this money really going to be used for? The Vikings stadium or how about getting street cars back in the cities!

  • t.p.

    like we dont pay enough fees to use the roads. how about taxing bicycles for their usage on roadways. do they pay fuel taxes, or carry insurance to drive on the roads, or pay a extra tire tax fee?