Grandson One of Three Charged in Willmar Murder 04 Aug 13

Court documents show that three teenagers, one the grandson of the victim, accused in the death of a 79-year old Willmar woman believed she had $40,000 in a safe in her home and they planned to kill her for it.

MNN reports 19-year old Brok Junkermeier is accused of beating and stabbing to death Lila Warwick after forcing her to access her bank account online which showed a balance of almost $1,600. He then allegedly forced her to write a check for $1,500.

According to a friend, Junkermeier was given the key to the woman’s house by her grandson, Robert Warwick.

Junkermeier is charged with intentional second-degree murder. 16-year-old Devon Jenkins and 17-year-old Robert Warwick are charged as juveniles with 2nd Degree Murder, with intent, Un-premeditated, and 2nd Degree Murder-without intent while committing a felony. 

Warwick and Jenkins are being held without bail at the Prairie Lakes Juvenile Detention Center. Authorities are planning to request the two be tried as adults. Junkermeier’s bail was set at $2,000,000.

The three were arraigned in Kandiyohi County court Friday.

  • lc

    That’s messed up! I can’t believe what people will do for money these days. So sad. RIP