Bicyclist to Tour Central MN 08 Aug 13

Motorists will notice an increased number of bicyclists on central Minnesota highways Aug. 15-18 for the annual Bicycling Around Minnesota event.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation reminds all travelers to share the road and follow all traffic safety laws. 

Approximately 275 bicyclists will travel through Cold Spring, Albany, Spicer and Hutchinson on several trunk highways, local routes and bicycle paths during the four days.  

The law is clear—bicyclists and motorists share responsibility. There are eight “rules of the road” to improve bicycle safety:

 1.     Bicyclists may ride on all Minnesota roads, except where restricted — such as interstates.

2.     Bicyclists should ride on the road and must ride in the same direction as traffic.

3.     Motorists must maintain a three-foot clearance at all times when passing a bicyclist.

4.     Bicyclists must obey all traffic control signs and signals, just as motorists.

5.     Motorists and bicyclists must yield the right of way to each other.

6.     Bicyclists must signal their turns and should ride in a predictable manner.

7.     Bicyclists must use a headlight and rear reflectors when it’s dark.

8.     Bicyclists should always wear helmets and bright reflective gear.


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