Roundabout South of Hutchinson to Open 09 Aug 13

The newly-constructed roundabout on highway 15 south of Hutchinson opens to traffic on Aug. 10, announced the McLeod County Highway Department and the Minnesota Department of Transportation, about a week ahead of schedule and just in time for the McLeod County Fair.

 Crews will continue to work on the project, resurfacing Highway 15 from the airport entrance to Highway 212.  This work will be done under traffic. The project is scheduled to be completed by early September.

 Roundabouts are often used in new or remodeled intersections to lower the incidence of crashes; they show a 39 percent decrease in all crashes and an 89 percent decrease in fatal crashes. And, roundabouts can handle high levels of traffic with less delay than most stop signs or signals. The tight curves slow traffic so entering and exiting are easier and more efficient.

 Tips for driving a roundabout:

 Slow down as you approach the roundabout.

 For multi-lane roundabouts, as with any intersection, get into the appropriate lane as you approach the roundabout.

 Yield to pedestrians and bicyclists crossing the roadway.

 Watch for signs or pavement markings that require or prohibit certain movements.

 When entering a roundabout, yield to vehicles already in the roundabout.

 Do not cross into the roundabout until all traffic from the left has cleared.

 After entering the roundabout, drive in a counter-clockwise direction until you reach your exit.

 Do not stop, pass or change lanes within a roundabout.

 If an emergency vehicle approaches, exit the roundabout immediately and then pull over.


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