Hutchinson School District Operating Levy 13 Aug 13

The Hutchinson School District will put two questions to voters in November, one to renew the current operating levy, the other for additional revenue to maintain current district services.

Because of changes made by state lawmakers to the funding formula, district officials had to change the amount of their monetary requests.

Question one asks voters to approve $720 per pupil unit, which is different from the last 10-year levy of $680 per pupil unit.  However, Superintendent Daron Vanderheiden says because of changes at the state level, revenue will basically remain the same as the $680 levy.

The second question asks for an additional $180 per pupil unit. But again, because of changes made at the state level to the school district funding formula, district residents will not see an increase in property taxes.

The election will be held November 5th and all voting will take place at the Hutchinson Recreation Center.