Jenkins Release Denied 13 Aug 13

 Kandiyohi County Judge Michael Thompson Monday denied a request by Devon Jenkin’s parents that the teen murder suspect be released to their custody pending further court hearings.

The 16-year-old from Willmar, is charged with two counts of 2nd Degree Murder for his part in the July 29th stabbing and strangulation death of 79-year-old Lila Warwick. Jenkins is accused of being involved in the planning of Warwick’s robbery and murder, and driving accused killer Brok Junkermeier to her house that morning. Jenkins is being held in the Prairie Lakes Juvenile Detention Center in Willmar without bail. In court Monday, KWLM reports both his mother, Vanessa Mitchell of Red Wing, and his father Fred Jenkins of Willmar told Judge Thompson they would be able to supervise him in their home and make sure he makes future appearances. But Stephen Wentzell of the Kandiyohi County Attorney’s Office told Thompson they opposed releasing Jenkins, saying it is presumed he will be tried as an adult and if convicted, would be sentenced to a long prison term. Thompson agreed, saying there would be a lot of incentive for a teenager to flee and it would be pretty easy, so he ordered him back to Prairie Lakes. Jenkins asked that an examiner be appointed to help determine if he should be transferred to adult court, and Thompson waived the 30 day rule for adult certification. An August 29th certification hearing for Jenkins was cancelled.

 Junkermeier has a hearing scheduled today (Tuesday). Warwick’s grandson, 17-year-old Robert Warwick, has a hearing slated for Thursday.