Change in Beer Policy at McLeod Co Fair 14 Aug 13

There’s more freedom this year as to where you drink beer at the McLeod County Fair.
The Hutchinson City Council last night (Tuesday) approved a resolution amending the fairs’ liquor license consumption policy.
Police Chief Dan Hatten says the policy will allows those buying beer during day to have it an any location within the fairgrounds area, not just the beer garden or grandstand areas.
When you buy a beer, you’ll be given an arm band to identify you as being of legal drinking age.
Then, at 7:30pm, the policy changes back to the way it has been in the past, where you can only drink beer in the beer garden/performance stage area.
The fair has agreed to a one-year trial of the policy, after which they will review how it went and if it will continue. The McLeod County Fair runs today (Wednesday 1pm) through Sunday night.