Warwick Hearing Postponed 16 Aug 13

An August 30th hearing to certify 17-year-old Robert Warwick as an adult has been postponed.

Warwick is accused of being the mastermind behind the July 29th murder of his grandmother, 79-year-old Lila Warwick in her east Willmar home.

KWLM reports many family members attended a probable cause hearing for Warwick before Judge David Mennis Thursday morning. The August 30th hearing was postponed because, like co-defendant 16-year-old Devon Jenkins, Warwick waived the 30 day requirement to complete the certification process.

Warwickwill remain at the Prairie Lakes Juvenile Detention Center until September when the hearing will be continued.

Prosecutors sayWarwickalong with 16 year old Devon Jenkins and 19 year old Brok Junkermeier conspired to kill the woman and steal $40,000 from her. Jenkins and Junkermeier had hearings earlier this week. Another person who knew of their plans but did not take them seriously went forward to police when he heard Lila had been slain.

Judge Mennis will also consider a request for a psychological exam for Warwick.