Tanker Truck Fire in Atwater 29 Aug 13

There were some tense moments in Atwater early this morning (Thursday) when fire crews were called to the scene of a diesel fuel tanker truck that caught fire.

KWLM reports Atwater Fire Chief Gerald Schwartz saying the truck was westbound, traveling toward Willmar on Highway 12 when fire broke out in the rear axle area of the tractor. Schwartz says the driver tried to get out of town but the damage to the axle was too great and he came to a stop just east of Casey’s convenience store.  At one point the flames were so high they wrapped around the trailer which was full of diesel fuel. 

Schwartz says they were able to put the fire out using water foam. There are no reports of injuries.

The fire was reported about 5:40 a.m. Traffic was diverted south of the scene for about two hours.