Two Injured in Hutchinson B-K Crash 03 Sep 13

Two people were taken to the Hutchinson Hospital for treatment of injuries they sustained in a three-vehicle crash that began at the Hutchinson Burger King late Friday morning.

Hutchinson police say 82-year-old Leroy Markgraf of Buffalo Lake was attempting to park on the east side of the restaurant, when he mistook the gas for the brake and hit the building, causing moderate damage.  He then tried to put the car in neutral, but he still had his foot on the accelerator, and put the car in reverse instead.   The car then went into the eastbound lane of Highway 7 and hit a U-haul truck, spun around, and ended up back in the Burger King entrance.  Markgraf and the driver of the truck, 43-year-old Taunya Theis of Hutchinson, were taken by ambulance to the Hutchinson Hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.

A third vehicle, driven by a Hutchinson man, avoided the collision but hit the curbing and damaged the wheels on his vehicle.  He was not injured.

The crash happened just after 11am.

Markgraf was cited for inattentive driving. His car was totaled.