Panthers Gameday – Week 2 06 Sep 13

Panthers Gameday – Week 2

Last Game:  Holy Family 7 – GSL  34, 2013 Season Opener @ Victoria

Game Recap: It was a very warm day with temperatures reaching the mid 90’s just before game time and both teams were looking forward to the Season opener. One of two games that were opening the season on Thursday night (Hutchinson vs. Becker)in the Wright County Conference.  The game opened up with a battle of the runningbacks.  Jake Stuedemann and Chazz Johnson were the work horses for their teams in both opening drives.  After each team had 7 points on the board, the game started to change.  GSL started to pull away!  You could tell that the heat and players going both ways, offensively and defensively, was starting to wear on the Holy Family Fire.  GSL then started putting point up on the board with Jake Stuedemann having one more touchdown as well as one from Dalton Clouse and an air connection between QB Keaton Anderson and TE Tanner Grack.  GSL walks away with the season opener with a big victory, 34-7. 

Current Record: 1-0

This Week’s Opponent: Hutchinson Tigers (1-0)

About the Opponent: Hutchinson Started their season with a very tough team, as well as a rematch from last year.  The Becker Bulldogs were in town with their legendary coach, Lundean.  It was a battle through the entire game but was a little sloppy on both ends.  Becker had beaten themselves twice as they were on the Hutchinson 4 yard line twice and threw two interceptions.  Hutchinson also had a couple of moments that were questionable and kept the bulldogs close.  Junior QB Marcus Hahn had three interceptions as well.  The game ended up going into OT.  It was a battle until the Hutchinson Tigers kicked a field goal to win the game 16-13 over the Becker Bulldogs.

Key GSL Players:  Heading into week 2 against their heated rival, the Hutchinson Tigers (1-0), the GSL Panthers are coming prepared!  GSL is going to rely on a couple of different people in this battle.  When I say a couple of people, I am talking about the Offensive Line.  GSL needs these guys to become a complete unit and open up the holes for their work horses in the back field, Dalton Clouse and Jake Stuedemann, but also keep their Captain of the ship, QB Keaton Anderson, safe.  GSL also needs to make sure they are able to keep the Tigers main weapons, RB Robbie Grimsley and Tory Adams, holstered throughout the game.  This will be a big task for the Linebacker core and back field of the GSL Defense.  “Containing Grimsley and Adams is our main goal,” said GSL Head Coach, Scott Tschimperle.  Keaton Anderson can be a big key again in this game.  He showed last week at Holy Family that he has bettered himself in the passing game.  If needed, can GSL count on him to pull them through when asked?

Games Storylines: 

  1. THE BATTLE OF HWY 22!!!  One of the biggest rivalries in the state! This is a big game to gain ground in the Wright County Conference but also for Bragging Rights!!!
  2. Can GSL get their running game going again with their work horse from week one, Jake Stuedemann and the power house FB Dalton “Roadhouse” Clouse the German tank?
  3. HEAT.  Kickoff temps will once again be in the low to mid 90’s.  Will GSL’s full Platoon Offense/Defense be the answer to keeping the endurance up on the playing field.
  4. Defense…..The Panthers again will need their defensive backfield and Linebacker Cores to step up and make some big plays in the secondary.  GSL also needs their DE to have the outside containment to allow the LB’s to make the plays that are needed to beat the Tigers.
  5. A useless/interesting fact for youPredicting a huge turnout in fan support for tonight’s game at Steven Seminary Stadium.  Attendance is predicted to be 5,000+.  The atmosphere is going to be Electric!!!!