Ewing Found Guilty of Attempted Murder 10 Sep 13

A man accused of trying to kill his mother at a Nicollet County Park last year was found guilty of attempted murder Monday in a trial that lasted just over an hour.

49-year-old Burton James Ewing Jr had a day pass from the Minnesota Security Hospital when he reportedly stabbed his mother more than 20 times at Seven Mile Creek County Park south of St. Peter.

The witnesses that reported the incident testified to seeing him beat the woman with a bicycle seat, poke her in the face with barbecue tongs and stab her 23 times with a steak knife. She was critically wounded, but did survive.

Ewing was sent to the state mental hospital in 1998 after beating his sister to death.

Now that he has been found guilty of attempted murder and four lesser charges, his attorneys have begun the process of proving he was mentally ill at the time of the attack against his mother and that he didn’t know that what he was doing was wrong.