Bank Robber Caught 11 Sep 13

Authorities say they have caught a woman who donned big, black sunglasses and robbed five banks in less than a month in or near the Twin Cities area and western Wisconsin.

The Star Tribune reports the suspect was caught soon after holding up a bank Monday afternoon in Menomonie,Wis., according to Hudson Police Chief Marty Jensen, who added that the woman also hit a bank in his city on Thursday.

 Jensen said the woman is believed to have started on the southwest edge of the Twin Cities and worked her way generally north and east, carrying out bank holdups since mid-August in Cologne, Stacy and Forest Lake in Minnesota, before crossing into Wisconsin. The heists became more frequent as they grew in number.

The woman is being held inMinnesotapending charges, most likely in federal court, Jensen said.

FBI spokesman Kyle Loven said the woman is 23 years old. Loven said he planned to release more details about the robberies later Wednesday.