Panthers Gameday – Week 3 11 Sep 13

Panthers Gameday – Week 3

Last Game:  GSL  7 – Hutchinson  36, @ Steven Seminary Stadium

Game Recap: Another warm night as week 2 kicked off at Steven Seminary Stadium in Glencoe.  The Hutchinson Tigers were in town for the “Battle of HWY 22.”  Both teams came into this game with a 1-0 record as both teams beat worthy opponents (GSL defeating Holy Family; Hutchinson defeating Becker).  The opening drive was very productive for the GSL Panthers as they opened up the game with a 53 yard kick return.  GSL continued to march down the field for an 84 yard total scoring drive where RB Jake Stuedemann tacked on the first 6 pts of the game.  Kicker Dominic Bondhus then tapped on the extra point to make it 7-0.  Little GSL know, this would be their only score of the game when the next serious was the start of downhill tumble for the Panthers when RB Robbie Grimsley of the Tigers had an untouched touchdown run to start the scoring brigade for the Hutchinson tigers.  GSL would then have a couple of great moments in the game but could not keep up with the Tigers and would fall 36-7.

Current Record: 1-1

This Week’s Opponent: Annandale Cardinals (1-1)

About the Opponent: GSL heads to Annandale for another true test in the Wright County Conference.  Another team that made it to the State Playoffs last season.  The Cardinals have the same record as the Panthers, beating Waconia 41-26 and losing to Delano 18-27.  The Cardinals lost a lot of seniors to Graduation last year and you could say are trying to rebuild their offense and defense with the kids they have.  A couple of notable players to watch for the Cardinals are #44 RB Andrew Russek which in week 1 had a total of 235 rushing yards against Waconia.  Although Delano held him to 25 yards, #8 RB Matt Miller had 77 yards rushing against Delano.  Both RB’s are a threat in the back field which GSL need’s to keep in their crosshairs.   Although #16 QB Riley Atkinson isn’t much of a threat on the ground, he still is not one to take lightly.  His passing game on the other hand is a different story.  So far this year, he has a total of 361 passing yards on the year. 

Key GSL Players:  The main focus for practice this week came down to two different departments.  The first is going to be the Offensive Line.  This was a unit that looked a bit over matched last week against the Hutchinson Tigers.  Schemes were not performed the correct way and there was never much weak side help.  Pass protection for the Gunslinger Keaton Anderson is a must during the game, especially on his blind side.  The other department to watch will be the entire Defense.  Breaking down and tackling is the critical task that needs to be in top form for the Panthers.  The Defense looked tired and seemed to be 1-2 steps behind and started getting sluggish on tackles.  Wrap up tackles quickly became diving arm tackles.  Both of these units need to come together, work hard, and work as a team.  

Games Storylines: 

  1. “3 State Playoff Teams!!!”  The GSL Panthers will face off against the 3rd of 3 teams that made it to the State Playoffs last year.  They are 1-1 right now and are looking to grab onto another road victory in their tough schedule.
  2. Can GSL get their running game going again with their work horse from week one, Jake Stuedemann and the power house FB Dalton “Roadhouse” Clouse the German tank?  Both a little quite last week against Hutch.  Can they bounce back and become that key threat?
  3. Starts in the Trenches!  GSL needs to make sure they win the battle up front to provide the room for their RB’s but also protection for their QB.
  4. Defense…..BREAK DOWN AND TACKLE!!!
  5. THE HEAT IS GONE!!!  Keep the endurance and finish strong!