Tiger Gameday: Week 4 19 Sep 13

Tiger Gameday – Week 4

Last Game:  Hutchinson 48 Orono 7

Game Recap: The Tigers dominated from pillar to post thumping a pretty good orono team 48-7.  Offensively the Line paved the way for over 560 yards rushing and TD’s from 4 different runners.  Defensively the Tigers stopped returning QB  Ben Turnham.  Turnham did throw for just about 200 yards but 75% of that came late in the game.  The defense showed good pursuit to the ball forcing many 3 and outs.  Overall the defense matched the level of play showed by the offense. 

Current Record: 3-0

This Week’s Opponent: Waconia (0-3)

About the Opponent: A once powerful Waconia team has fallen a bit on hard times this season, but you have to take the record with a grain of salt.  The teams Waconia has faced this year are all contenders (Annandale, NLS, Delano).  But with that being said, the Wildcats do have a new coaching staff that’s installing a new spread offense and a brand new defense.  The Wildcat coaches have said they want to have the hardest working and most disciplined team in the conference down the road.  Right now they are looking for playmakers. 

Key Hutch Players:  I’ll focus on the infirmary report here.  Hutchinson lost 3 key players for the season due to injuries last week:  LB Peyton Lenz, DT Broderic Thompson, and Special teams ace Shane Collings.  Fernando Villegas will step in for Lenz, while Andrew Koski starts and DT.  Getting those two integrated with the starters so they are running seamlessly will be key.  I expect a number of different players to try and fill in for Collings.  Don’t forget about that spot…special teams can decide games sometimes. 

Games Storylines:

  1. Dealing with the Spread Offense…again.  It’s not just the NFL that has gone pass wacky.  High School football teams more and more and going to the air and trying to spread teams out.  It’s an effective way to move the ball with QB’s getting better.  Hutch has seen this 2 of the first 3 weeks, so this won’t be anything new to them.
  2. Win the Turnover battle.  It’s a basic Key week in and week out, but it’s true.  The team that wins the turnover battle 9 of of 10 times wins the game.  It also puts the other team with their back to the wall. 
  3. Control the ball.  Hutch is at their best when putting together long 10-15 play drives.  The offense is built for that style of play.
  4. Regain some depth.  As mentioned above Hutch lost three players to season ending injuries.  That puts a hit on your depth.  I look for the Tigers to try a few other players in spots to see what they’ve got and who could move into top backup roles.  Teams don’t win championships by being deep In Week 1, they win by being deep at the end of the season.  
  5. A useless/interesting fact for you…As tough as the Hutch schedule has been so far, Waconia’s has been tougher.  Teams that played Hutch are a combined 6-3, while teams that have played Waconia are 7-2.  Plus this is the third straight opponent to play Waconia that’s unbeaten.    
  6. Bonus Interesting Fact for you…The Minnesota Gophers Football team features starting TE Maxx Williams from Waconia.  Williams father Brian also played for the Gophers, as well as with the NY Giants.  Plus Williams Grandfather played for Notre Dame and was drafted by the Chicago Bears.