GSL Gameday Week 4 20 Sep 13

Panthers Gameday – Week 4

Last Game:  GSL  48 – Cardinals 28, @ Annandale

Game Recap: Finally a cool night and definite football weather in Minnesota as GSL headed up to HWY 55 to take on the Annandale Cardinals, the first game in their side of the conference and a very important game according to Head Coach Scott Tschimperle.  “This is a must win game to make sure we can lock up our side of the conference championship,” said the Head Coach on Wednesday Nights Panther Sports Weekly program on 1310 KGLB.  This was going to be the 3rd of three games that were going to be the tall tale of the season as all three of the first games of the season were against teams that made it to the State Tournament at the Metro Dome.  GSL started the game off right and marched down the field and scored right away.  Bondhus, the GSL Kicker, missed the extra point right.  Annandale then answered back right away as well to make the game 6-7.  GSL and Annandale then put up one more score each in the 1st half but GSL again missed the 2pt conversion and the Panthers found themselves down 14-12 heading to overtime.  The second year in a row, that GSL found themselves down at half time against the Annandale Cardinals.  GSL came out in the 2nd half and ran all over the Cardinals.  The Defense stepped up as well and held Russek and Miller to minimal yards.  Dalton Clouse was the Player of the game with a 53 yard scamper for a TD and a sack on Defense for the only defensive play he was in for.

Current Record: 2-1

This Week’s Opponent: New London-Spicer Wildcats (3-0)

About the Opponent: GSL has got a battle ahead of them Friday Night as the NLS Wildcats come to town with a 3-0 record.  This also is a huge game tonight as the Wildcats are also in GSL’s side of the conference and many have said it will come down to these 2 teams for the conference championship.  NLS is a very athletic team and have a lot of weapons on the field.  Their QB is #18 Ryan Vraa is a very quick and agile player that can also throw the ball to many of his weapons down field.  The main Weapon on the Wildcats offense that the GSL “D” will be keying on will be RB #23 Adam Essler.  Essler was a threat last year for the Wildcats and had a great game against the panthers last year as he may have been the only Wildcat that played well against last year’s GSL team.  NLS has one more weapon that we mentioned before that QB Vraa will be looking for.  WR #8 Shane Zylstra is very quick and has the speed to beat you down the field and get into open territory before defenses can notice him.  

Key GSL Players:  Defensive Coordinator Dean Schwirtz mentioned this week that even though they worked on staying physical in the trenches and in the back field, they also had a great week of being mentally prepared.  “We need to stay physical on the field but stay smart and play your position.  Who cares if they are 3-0!  They are on our turf and we will show them how GSL plays football!” said Coach Schwirtz.  Dalton Clouse of course will be a factor in the game.  If he is keyed on and stopped, the GSL offense needs the rest of their weapons to step up.  Keaton Anderson had a sloppy first half last week in Annandale throwing 2 INT’s.  As long as the line gives him time, he needs to get set up in the pocket and follow through on his throws.   

Games Storylines: 

  1. Can GSL contain their offensive weapons? Defense needs to stay physical and be smart on the field.  Play your position.
  2. Will we see all the GSL backfield weapons during this game?  Jake Stuedemann?  Colton Lueders?
  3. Starts in the Trenches!  GSL needs to make sure they win the battle up front to provide the room for their RB’s but also protection for their QB.
  4. TACKLE! TACKLE! TACKLE!  Break down and wrap up!
  5. Useless Facts…….after tonight, we are half way through the season already!!!!