BLHS All Mustang Award 02 Oct 13

 Congratultations to the latest BLHS All Mustang Award Winners!

Emily Markgraf

Emily is in her second year as the ace pitcher for our softball team.  She continues to work hard everyday to be the best pitcher she can be as well as always encouraging her team. Last year she lead us to one of the better seasons in school history, and this year she is following it by being a leader for a young inexperienced team. When the team does not make plays behind her, she continues to encourage her teammates, and striving to make the next pitch count. She has been a strong leader for us this season by mentoring the younger pitchers. 

Trey Weispfennig

Trey Weisfennig is batting .320 and bats 3rd in our line up.  Trey has 3.36 era and has been in our closer role so far this year he has pitched 8.33 innings and only given up 4 runs and two of them were in one game in a longer relief role.  Trey started the season in center field but has moved to short stop and not had a error at all this year in 8 games he has had 10 put outs and 16 assists.