BLHS All Mustang Award 02 Oct 13

 Congratultations to the latest BLHS All Mustang Award Winners!

Cody Schmalz is a student/athlete that has only played for two years, but his impact has been profound. He has become a key player for the football team this season and his improvement has been drastic. Cody plays on the OL/DL, so his statistics will not jump out, but it’s his willingness to do what’s best for the team that has made us the team we are today. Cody, along with our other offensive lineman, had their biggest game of the season last week against Sleepy Eye. In the game, our running backs rushed for 379 yards, none of which would have happened had Cody and our other offensive lineman not played like they did. Cody’s impact his not felt just in the athletic arena, but also in FFA and in the classroom. 

Mara Olinger is one our 3 captains and will do any job we present to her, and she will do it with a smile on her face.  She is the anchor for our defense. She plays a position that is the “grunt” position. Her job is to pass serve and play defense.  She has passed 117/141 on the year and has 47 digs on the year.  She takes her position very seriously and has never asked to play the front row nor has she asked to serve.  Her personality is such that she is always trying to keep the spirits up, and she has a very infectious laugh. Much of our success can be contributed to her ability to pass serve.  She is also a State All-Academic Player. Mara will be missed next year.