BLHS All Mustang Award 02 Oct 13


Dylan Edwards

Dylan has been a real team leader in robotics this year. In his second he is taking a main spot on the team and is becoming a large contributor to our success. He plays a role in just about every aspect of the build from programming the robot, to electronic wiring, to building and designing, to training in newcomers. He does all of this with a lot of passion and commitment to the team.

Keighly Daak 
 Keighly has been our stat keeper now for four years, she is the official book for home games, she plans, organizes and carries out various activities for us in the boy’s basketball program.  She has organized our clothing orders, parent’s night, senior nights for the last three years.  She is very dependable, very punctual and will always do excellent work for us.  She makes sure our scores and stats are reported to the various news agencies.  She is very responsible, dedicated and reliable for the boy’s basketball program.  She takes the work very seriously and excels at what she does, I really do not know where we would be at if she was not with us.  She has been wonderful to work with and we have great confidence in her to carry out her duties without being constantly reminded of them.