Inventors Congress Moving 11 Oct 13

The Minnesota Inventor’s Congress is taking its annual Congress to the Twin Cities area in 2014, ending a 56-year run in its home community of Redwood Falls.

MIC Program Director Deb Hess says the decision has been a difficult one, but necessary. Inventors have been urging a move to an urban venue to increase the exposure they can receive.

It’s expected that an event in the Twin Cities will attract a larger crowd and will make the show more accessible to people from a greater array of businesses and other resources important for inventors.

The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development awarded the Inventor’s Congress a two-year grant that is helping make the move possible.

Hess says the MIC is currently negotiating with a prospective partner in the Twin Cities. It has not yet selected a site or place for the show, but is expecting to host it in the spring.

The show in Redwood Falls has typically attracted 2,000 to 2,500 during the weekend.

The MIC will maintain its year around office and operations in Redwood Falls.