Kandiyohi Bridge Deteriorating 14 Oct 13

The only bridge on the only road that goes in and out of Kandiyohi County Park 2 on Big Kandiyohi Lake has deteriorated to the point that it is no longer safe for RVs and campers to cross.

The West Central Tribune reports after an inspection by a structural engineer and deck rating study a few weeks ago, the short, one-lane, 18-ton bridge was downgraded to a maximum load-bearing weight of just 3 tons.

Kandiyohi County Public Works Director Gary Danielson says that’s about the equivalent of a fully loaded pickup.

The commercial garbage truck, propane delivery vehicle, gas truck and other service vehicles that come to the park will not be able to cross the bridge in its current condition.

Ray Krossman, an engineer with the county’s Public Works Department says just because the bridge is considered “deficient,” doesn’t mean it’s going to collapse anytime soon. But the bridge is limited now to 3 tons and signs will be posted soon.

Danielson said solutions are being sought to resolve the problem, which he classified as a bit of an emergency.