Tiger Gameday: Week 8 14 Oct 13

Tiger Gameday – Week 7

Last Game:  Hutchinson 43 DC 7

Game Recap: The Hutchinson Tigers upped their record to 7-0 on the season with a 43-7 win over the Dassel Cokato Chargers.  Tiger Running Back Tory Adams ran for 157 yards and 5 Touchdowns in the rain filled contest.  Jaedon Fleck ran for 82 yards, while Robbie Grimsley had 83 yards and a Touchdown.  Hutchinson used long consistent drives as the Tigers never punted during the night. 

Current Record: 7-0

This Week’s Opponent: Mound Westonka (1-6) Wednesday Night!  MEA/Education Minnesota Break

About the Opponent: Mound Westonka is having another tough year.  If it seems they’ve been down for a while, they have.  Unfortunately their record in the last 10 seasons is 7 wins with 80 losses.  Their best season in that run was 2005 when they went 2-7.  It’s hard to see a school with a lot of talent in other sports be so down.  This team will try and spread you out and run a bit of the spread offense hutch has seen 5 times already.  The Whitehawks also sport a bit better of a defense then they have had in the past couple years. 

Key Hutch Players: The last few weeks, the Hutchinson 2nd and 3rd team players have gotten in and seen some time.  These games may be out of reach when they get in but provide great game experience when they are needed sometime down the road to play important roles.  Seeing the improvement from these players is key to keeping a winning program. 

Games Storylines:

  1. Sharpen up.  Win or Lose, Hutch has a bye and (we think) the #1 seed no matter what happens so use this time to sharpen up your offense and defense.  The Tigers won’t play again for 10 days.  That’s a long break, but a reward for a regular season well done. 
  2. Once again work on covering receivers.  With the Whitehawks running the spread offense they’ll want to get short passes that gain yards.  That puts pressure on the DB’s … but they’ve seen the spread many times so this isn’t anything new. 
  3. The Tigers got back to “Hutch football” last week with long time consuming drives.  Those drives may not always be needed, but when you face good teams that’s exactly what the doctor will order.  Good to see the team get a few of those drives under their belt. 
  4. Don’t share.  This game is for the outright WCC East Championship.  The team has almost 30 conference championships, quite a feat for the program.  As the team says…they don’t like to share.  A win gives them the title alone, while a loss lets Delano share it with Hutch. 
  5. A useless/interesting fact for you…Mound Westonka has never qualified for the State Football Touranment.