Big Push for Hutchinson School Levy Vote 16 Oct 13

Hutchinson School District officials are putting on the big push to get information to the public on the November election in which the district will put two questions to voters; one to renew the current operating levy, the other for additional revenue to maintain current district services.

The first of two public forums was held last week. A second will be held later this month.

In the meantime, the district has produced a video explaining what’s at stake.

Question one asks voters to approve $720 per pupil unit.

The second question is contingent on passage of the first question and asks for an additional $180 per pupil unit.

Superintendent Daron Vanderheiden says the bottom line is that if both questions pass, the school portion of your property taxes will not increase.  If they don’t pass, Vanderheiden says cuts to programs and staff will have to be implemented.

The next public forum will be held Wednesday, October 30th at the Park Elementary School Auditorium.

The election will be held November 5th and all voting will take place at the Hutchinson Recreation Center. 

For more information, and to see the districts video, click here.

  • JBC

    If both questions pass and there is an incrrease in revenue… how will that not increase property taxes? Where will it come from? From our property taxes.