Hutchinson Comprehensive Plan Questioned 23 Oct 13

A group of Hutchinson residents last night (Tuesday) asked the city council to slow down the process of adopting the city’s proposed 2013 comprehensive plan.

One of the main sticking points with the residents was annexation and how they felt that the townships didn’t have a say in how the process works when the city incorporates land.

A roomful of people took the opportunity during the public comment portion of the meeting to express their concerns, saying they felt the city could basically take land at will.

Mayor Steve Cook and Councilor Bill Arndt said the city can indeed annex land, but only if a property owner initiates the process.

However, the council did agree to revisit the questions and concerns that have been brought up in the past public discussions, and from last night’s meeting, and address those issues at future meetings before adopting the city’s comprehensive plan.