Vikings players react to Packers loss 28 Oct 13

Vikings Defensive End Jared Allen

Q: How weary are you saying for the third game in a row that this is embarrassing?

A: I am embarrassed, I have to keep saying it. Trying to be as honest as I can. I have never

been a part of something like this.

Q: What is the overall mood of the team right now?

A: Frustrated, eager to win. There are no quitters in this room, these guys will fight to the

end, and it is not a question. We have to get better; you have to be kidding me to say that

we cannot stop teams. We score thirty-one points and cannot win a game you have to be

kidding me.


Q: Did it flash through your mind at all that the trade deadline is Tuesday, and that

you may not be here for the next game?

A: No, it is not something I have to worry about right now. I understand the league, I

understand how it works, but my goal is to play football, and go out and win. I go out every

Sunday and I give it everything I got. Sometimes it is spectacular, sometimes you get

double teamed, sometimes you can’t get there in time, and sometimes you lose.

Q: Would you be okay if you ended up with another team?

A: I am honestly not going to address it. I am not going to speculate on something I have

not had a conversation about, and I can’t speculate on something that hasn’t happened.

I cross all bridges when I get to them, and right now I am trying to find a way to make this

defense better. It has to start with stopping the run, we can talk about pass rush all day, but

you have to earn the right to rush the passer.

Vikings Wide Receiver Cordarrelle Patterson

Q: You started the game off with a bang, getting the crowd into it, how was it to start

out positive with that kick return?

A: It was pretty good; I mean no matter where the ball is kicked I feel like I’m going to return

it regardless. I have a coach who believes in me; wherever the ball is I’m going to bring it

out. We talk about that all the time. I have to give it all to my blockers, they set it up one

way and I go that way, then there’s a wide open hole for me.

Q: Did it hit you that you set a record that’ll never be broken (109 kick return for TD)?

A: It’s good, but none of it matters. I will trade all of that for a win, so you can take it back

105 yards and we get the win, I’ll take that.

Q: Did you get the feeling that you gave your team such a big lift and then Green Bay

comes out with a long drive and it sort of deflated things?

A: We only control what we can control; I can’t say I give my team anything over edge wise.

Vikings Running Back Adrian Peterson

Q: It seemed like it was tough to get into a rhythm tonight; what were you seeing?

A: Not, really. It was tough on us today. I think we had a couple of good drives; it was slim

pickings. I don’t think we had too many possessions, and the ones that we had a couple of

them were three and out, so we didn’t help the defense out at all.

Q: What is the variation is starting quarterbacks? Is it difficult to play that position

with confidence when you play with so many different guys?

A: Really, the offense didn’t see the field much today. I felt like Christian (Ponder) did a

good job. It’s black and white; we understand what it is. Last week the offense didn’t play

great. We didn’t play that great tonight. Our defense struggled a little bit. We have just got to

put it all together. I feel like once we do that we can get this thing back on track.

Q: Has the frustrating part been that you haven’t put the three phases together,

except for maybe against Pittsburgh?

A: Yeah, I think when you look back on it you’re like man, if we could just put it together, we

can get something going.

Q: How does this season feel to you, compared to previous seasons, like the 3-13


A: It definitely doesn’t feel good, but what can you do? You have got to correct things that

you can correct and try to improve. One thing that I’m going to do, I’m continue to play no

matter what. I didn’t see anyone giving up. The effort was there; we just weren’t able to

execute in all three phases that is what we are going to need to do to win. That is what we

needed to do to beat the Packers.

Q: When you look in guys eyes do you feel good about their attitude?

A: Yeah, I feel good about it, especially our offense. Looking at those eyes, I feel good

about the guys’ mindset. They are going to continue and that’s all you can ask being 1-6.

Q: Is it frustrating to you to hear your and Jared Allen’s name thrown around with the

trade deadline approaching?

A: I don’t pay attention to that. Whatever happens, happens.

Q: Do you think that comes with the situation?

A: Yes, if the record was turned around, they wouldn’t be talking about it. It is what it is; it’s

part of the business. We just don’t read into it.

Q: Are you guys fearful of any coaching changes?

A: I don’t think so, we had a good game plan. Coach can’t get out there and throw a pass or

run, or block. It’s on us as players to make this turnaround.

Q: Do you feel like you have to be part of keeping it together with nine games to go?

A: Yeah, of course. Yeah, of course. That is what leaders do on this team. If we start

cracking then the rest of the team will start cracking as well. Stay as positive as possible

and just continue to work.

Q: When it comes to the quarterback position do you want to find the guy and ride

the rest of the way with him?

A: I don’t know. I feel like Christian did a decent job today. Any quarterback is not going

to have a perfect passer rating. Things happen, like I said we didn’t have too many

opportunities today. One drive in the first quarter, two drives in the third quarter. We didn’t

have too many opportunities to do anything. As a whole we are going to have to shake

some things off and continue to fight.

Q: How do you frame something to play for at this point, you’re not mathematically

eliminated from the playoffs, but you know how it’s feeling at this point.

A: Still have hope. Like you said, mathematically we are not out of it. So that is what I hold

on to.

Vikings Quarterback Christian Ponder

There’s not much to say after a game like that. Hats off to Green Bay for playing well.

We didn’t play well enough. We have to get this thing figured out and turned around. We

have a lot of corrections to make, 1-6 is very disappointing, very frustrating. We have to

get things turned around very quickly.

Q: What were the challenges of getting back in the lineup after being on the bench for

several weeks?

A: Nothing, I felt fine while I was out there.

Q: Why wasn’t Greg Jennings more involved in the game plan?

A: We called plays and I was trying to get the ball to the guy that’s open. I guess he wasn’t


Q: What did you guys expect tonight?

A: I expected to play better. Our expectations are to go out there and win every game and

obviously we didn’t meet expectations, I didn’t meet expectations. I didn’t play well enough for

this offense to stay on the field, convert on third downs and put more points in the board to beat

Green Bay. We didn’t do it.

Q: On offense how hard is to be on the sideline so often?

A: We are focused on what we can control and we didn’t do a good enough job converting on

our third downs to stay on the field. If we do that we stay in rhythm and we’re fine.

Q: Did you feel in sync with the offense or do you feel that’s a work in progress?

A: I felt in sync all week. I felt fine out there. It was a smooth transition from Josh to myself this

week and I thought things went fine.

Q: What’s the reason you weren’t able to sustain drives?

A: We can’t put ourselves in third-and-long situations. They’re hard to overcome in the NFL and

we didn’t do a good enough job on first and second down and I think we were 25 percent on

third down. That’s a huge down in the NFL and we weren’t good enough.

Q: Sitting at 1-6 now, how do you make sure you hold things together here?

A: It’s a slippery slope. We just have to make sure that the leadership on this team stays

focused and in control of this team. I don’t doubt that the guys we have on this team will. We

just have to be more focused than ever, working harder than ever, we have to have a sense of

urgency that things have to change and practice better, play better. It’s the whole nine yards.

We have to do everything better.

Q: Who provides the team leadership?

A: It’s a lot of guys, Jared (Allen), Chad (Greenway), Kevin Williams, John Sullivan, Charlie

Johnson, Phil (Loadholt). There are a lot of guys, Adrian (Peterson), that are contributing. We

just have to keep doing a better job.

Q: With Josh Freeman here now, do you feel like this was your last chance to be the


A: I wasn’t thinking about that and I’m not thinking about that now. What I’m focused on is

getting this team turned around and winning games. That stuff is out of my control. I can control

what I do field, what this offense does on the field and that call is out of my hands.

Q: Is there going to be a quarterback competition this week?

A: I have no idea. I don’t know.

Q: Last year Adrian averaged almost 200 yards against Green Bay. How do you think the

offense did as far as the combination of both passing and running?

A: I don’t know what our yards were, I just know that it wasn’t good enough. I think we ran the

ball a little better than we had in previous weeks. It’s something to build on. I know our yards

were down and our conversion rates were down, everything that means something statistically

in the NFL we weren’t good enough at.

Q: Did you have anything specifically to say to Greg Jennings during the game?

A: No, we were talking among the whole offense. I was talking to everybody, making sure

everybody was staying in it and not watching scoreboard, controlling what we can control and I

don’t know what I specifically said to Greg or anyone else.

Q: You talked about wanting to be more relaxed, do you feel that was the case?

A: Yeah, I did. I thought things slowed down a little bit out there. I was more relaxed and I felt

more in control of things.

Q: After a few weeks off did it take you a little while to find your rhythm?

A: No, once I got out there, I thought practice went well and I was in sync with everybody so I

don’t think that affected me.

Q: What were they doing on Greg Jennings coverage wise?

A: They were playing a lot of single-high. We didn’t have that many plays. We didn’t do a good

enough job of spreading the ball around and getting him the football. For us we’re not focused

on getting the ball to one guy, we are focused on winning games and whether that’s hand the

ball of 60 times a game or throwing the football to 12 different guys, it doesn’t matter. We’re not

focused on that.