State XC – Annandale wins Girls Title, Hutch’s Barlow 3rd 02 Nov 13

Here are the top finishers from the State Cross Country Meet in Northfield::

Boys Class A Champ: Perham, GSL finishes in 8th place
     Local Top 40 Finishers: James Chelman, GSL-22nd place—Alex Wischnack, NYA-25th place—Connor Schank, HLWW-26th place

Boys Class 2A Champ: Wayzata, Hutchinson finishes in 5th place
     Local Top 40 Finishers: Isaiah Barlow, Hutchinson-3rd Place—Alec Anderson, Hutchinson-22nd place

Girls Class A Champ: Annandale
     Local Top 40 Finishers: Elizabeth Schlafke, Annandale-4th place—Courtney Alama, Annandale-5th place—Emily Donnay, EVW/K-10th place—Savannah Ramirez, Litchfield-18th place—Victoria Burr, GSL-21st place

Girls Class 2A Champ: Wayzata
     Local Top 40 Finishers:  NONE