Election Results 06 Nov 13

Unofficial School Vote Results from Tuesday’s election

Building Bond and Operating Levy results:

The Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted School district was asking voters to approve two bond referendum questions. The first question, asking voters to approve funding not to exceed $21.31-million, which includes funding for a new middle school, was approved by a slim margin with 846 voting yes and 826 voting no.  Question 2, which asked for an additional $6.63-million for improvements to the Humphrey and Winsted Elementary schools failed by a narrow margin with 839 no votes and 825 yes votes.

Voters in District 112, the Eastern Carver County School District, approved two questions; the first, a renewal of the current operating levy, passed with 6,126 yes votes and 1,521 no votes.  The second question, a $2.45-million bond referendum for engineering labs and wireless infrastructure improvements at Chaska High School and wireless infrastructure improvements at all elementary and middle schools was approved with 5,665 yes votes and 1,977 no votes.

Norwood-Young America School District voters narrowly approved a $3.3-million bond referendum for a remodeling project at Central Elementary School with 299 yes votes and 288 no votes.

The Hutchinson School District had two questions on the ballot, both passed. Question one, the renewal of the existing levy referendum passed with 1,875 voting yes, and 327 voting no.  Levy referendum question two ($180 per pupil) passed with 1,730 voting yes, and 466 voting no.

Lester Prairie voters approved renewing their existing levy with 205 voting yes and 114 voting no.

Annandale’s levy referendum passed with 882 yes votes and 317 no votes.

The Dassel-Cokato levy referendum failed with 1,281 no votes and 337 yes votes.

The Nicollet School District asked voters to approve an additional $450 per-pupil for the next 3 years. That was approve with 339 yes votes to 185 no votes.  


School Board Elections:

Three members were elected to the Buffalo Lake-Hector-Stewart School Board; Brad Dobberstein, Keith Johnson, and Alyssa Homan.

Three members were elected to the Norwood Young America School Board; Elroy Latzig, Nicole Evenski, and Richard Shug.

Three members were elected to the Monticello School Board; Robbie Smith, William Spartz, and Carol McNaughton.

Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose School Board: three positions up for election, three candidates running.  Elected; Kenneth Ogden, Dean Perry, and Jeffrey Trout.