State of Emergency for Corn Crops Extended 07 Nov 13

On Wednesday, Governor Mark Dayton issued Emergency Executive Order 13-12, extending a state of emergency in Minnesota due to the late maturing of the corn crop across the upper Midwest.

Under the Executive Order, motor carriers and drivers transporting propane and anhydrous ammonia to affected areas of the state and providing direct assistance for emergency relief efforts, are exempted from regulations pertaining to hours of service. 

The order states that the late harvest of the corn crop in Minnesota and across the upper Midwest is expected to continue for at least another 15 – 20 days and in that the corn harvest is both larger and wetter than previously realized, it’s creating a large and extended need for propane supplies. Propane is used for drying the grain. The propane distribution system also has not been able to recover from the large draw.  In addition, the Cochin Pipeline, which transports propane from Canada to the United States, will be shut down for line reversal repair operations from November 27 -December 17, 2013, stressing the distribution system further.