Postgame Reaction: Vikings beat Redskins 34-27 08 Nov 13

Minnesota Defensive Tackle Kevin Williams

Q:Its been awhile since you’ve had a game like that…

A: Yeah and they keep reminding me, 2009, with a multiple side game, but we needed a

win. We didn’t do very well in second halves and we decided we need to lay down or come

out fighting, and the guys did a tremendous effort and we were able to get the job done.

Q:Do you think the comments you made last week had any effect on the coaching

staff’s strategy?

A: I’m not really sure, it was the heat of the moment and I was just speaking on the front

lines point of view. We always feel that we can get there with four people and we always like

rushing with four versus dropping one. It wasn’t much more than that.

Q: What changed from the first 40-45 minutes tonight that you kind of did whatever

you wanted then all of a sudden you guys started to dominate the game.

A:We came in here, didn’t draw anything on the board, and just said we would come out

and get the job done. We can draw up all the plays we want, but if we didn’t execute they

would drive us out of here and we could either get embarrassed or stand up and fight.

Minnesota Tight End John Carlson

Q: How does it feel to have an impact like that after everything you’ve gone through

the last couple of years?

A: It was a great team win, that’s the most important thing. Look around the locker room

and guys are happy. We working really hard at this and ultimately we’re judged on wins and

losses so it’s rewarding and it feels great to get that team win.

Q: You guys were down twice , what was the mood going back out on the field?

A: I don’t think we wavered. The defense had to come out and get a big stop for us and

then offensively, we needed to answer and put some points on the board. I think we left

the defense out there a little too much in the first half and the defense had a three and out

and a four and out I believe. We knew that we just had to play a little better, execute better,

that’s the story of our season, but we came out and did it.

Q: It was a team win, but you had a career-high personally, you have to be able to

smile a little bit for yourself.

A: Yeah, I’m excited it was fun to be involved, but obviously we miss Kyle (Rudolph). Kyle’s

a beast and we want him out there on the field. It was fun to be out there on offense and

hopefully that can continue, but we want Kyle back as soon as possible.

Minnesota Defensive End Jared Allen

Q: Talk about the game Kevin had tonight after the comments last week?

A: When Kevin speaks everybody listens, right? He’s a powerful man; he’s a hell of a player

still. It drives me crazy when people think he lost a step. Unfortunately in this league we

are only judged by sacks now. What he does in the run game with his leadership and the

ability he still has to make game changing plays just proves how good he really is. With his

leadership and his accomplishments in the league, when he talks you listen and he backed

it up.

Q: Did you notice how much they ran at you guys today?

A: No, they gashed us last year in the run and they kind of gashed us today in the run.

That’s what that offense is built off of. It’s built off of zone read and then play action off of

it. When they get into a rhythm like you saw in the first half, it’s tough to stop. I thought we

were much better on second down in the second half and with our ability to get the sacks

and get off the field on third down. When you get a lead at the end like that you force them

to be one dimensional and even then they still have a run game.

Vikings Quarterback Christian Ponder

I decided to wear this sling for dramatic effect to this press conference so you all

could feel bad for me. I am proud of the way we played. We fought to the very end.

There were so many times, especially on that last drive, when guys could have

bought in that something was going to happen, that we were going to lose this game,

but we didn’t. There was a point in time when we were down by 13 points, but third

quarter, we kept battling back. We only dressed 44 guys. That’s great; the way we

fought at home was awesome. We needed this win. We needed it badly, and we got it.

I expect us to play that way, especially the way we played in the second half, for the

rest of the year. It’s a good feeling.

Q: How bad do you think it (shoulder) is?

A: I don’t know. My expectations are that I am going to be back next week. The good thing

is that we have a great athletic training staff, and they’re going to do me right. I am going to

do everything that I can to be back next Sunday.

Q: It looked like you landed on it. What exactly happened?

A: I got hit hard on the right side, and I think that the impact against the ground caused it

(his shoulder) to come out of place. He hit me pretty hard, but he got out of the game too, so

that’s good to hear.

Q: You were having one of your best games. What were you thinking walking off the


A: It was frustrating. It wasn’t a good feeling, knowing that I wasn’t able to go. I was going

to try to get back in there. The trainers made a smart decision not letting me go. Cassel is

doing a great job this year, in practice and in the two games he played. We are going to be

in good hands. The way that Adrian (Peterson) was running the ball and what we saw after

I left. We saw some good things. We were able to close it out. I’m just happy that we got the


Q: What was the difference? The Vikings looked like a completely different team?

A: I don’t honestly know what the difference is. I don’t think that there was a change in

mindset. I think that we just played the way that we were supposed to. We executed like

an NFL team is supposed to especially as a 10-6 playoff team like we were last year.

We really needed that. We needed that to help with our confidence, and now that’s our

expectation for the rest of the year.

Q: What was the conversation on the sidelines? Were you trying to get back in?

A: Yeah, I was. At first, I didn’t know what was going on at first. They popped it back into

place, and I was able to move it fine. I thought that I could maybe have a chance to go in.

There was some pain. It was probably smart for me not to go. I don’t know if I would have

been limited or not, but we have a more than capable quarterback in Matt (Cassel) to go out

there and win a game for us.

Q: What were you seeing with Jarius?

A: The only thing I saw was Jarius (Wright) jumping up and down, waving his arms on

the sideline. When I threw the ball, I was laughing. I saw a guy coming free, but Adrian

(Peterson) came across and made the block, but it made me flush. I was looking for

anybody, and I saw Jarius jumping up and down. We were able to convert. It was great for

Jarius to find that void and get open.

Q: You were laughing?

A: I was. Yeah, it was pretty funny.

Q: Can you talk about John Carlson?

A: John, especially for a guy from Minnesota, stepped up and took advantage of an

opportunity. He (had seven) catches for 98 yards and a touchdown. The way that he got in

for that score was great. He took advantage of an opportunity and played an exceptional

game. For a guy who has battled injury with Seattle, then came here and was injured last

year– never got into a grove—finally he had a great game. That’s what we expected out of

him. He’s been an athletic guy. He’s a smart player, and I’m glad he had a great game.

Q: How do you process the last 6 weeks?

A: It’s been an interesting year. That’s for sure. My expectation is to get back and play again

next weekend, but for going 0-3 the first three games, then losing the job, getting injured, to

come back and lose two more and then come into this game and play, only to get injured.

But, winning cures all. Winning is a great feeling. We expect that to continue to happen. The

year is far from over.

Minnesota Running Back Adrian Peterson

Q: What was the feeling for you and the team when you saw that last pass was


A: It was an awesome feeling, the defense stepped up and made plays when we needed

them to make plays to get that W. Through the adversity that we have been through guys

continue to fight. It showed tonight that when you continue to believe and have faith and go

out there and continue to swing no matter what, you can come out on top.

Q: Cordarrelle Patterson said tonight that he noticed a different swagger in Christian

Ponder, did you notice that?

A: Yeah, he looked more calm, he looked comfortable. He just went out there and played

football. The way he came out and approached it allowed us to be balanced offensively, he

was able to complete a lot of balls to a lot of different receivers and it kept Washington’s

defense on their heels. He was able to sneak a run in there and be more balanced

offensively, and shoot, we were able to move the ball.

Q: How disappointing would it be where it looks like he turns a corner in this game

and now he might be injured?

A: He’s a tough guy, he will bounce back. I don’t know the extent of his injury, but he helped

us get this win tonight. Matt (Cassel) came in and stepped up and made plays when we

needed him to make plays as well. It shows the kind of ability in the quarterback position.

Q: So did John Carlson too, he stepped up and had a good game?

A: Oh yeah, that’s what I’m saying. Kyle Rudolph went down and Carlson got more snaps

out there and he made plays. Jerome Simpson made some good plays, Jarius Wright. It felt

good, I’m sitting on the sideline, I was like this is awesome. We were able to see so many

guys make plays and it wasn’t all about the run. Anyway you can get a W, I’m all in for it. If

we can continue to move the ball around like this and be pulling out W’s, I’m satisfied.