Dayton Says No To Extension of Health Insurance Plans 19 Nov 13

Governor Mark Dayton said Monday that he’s decided against giving Minnesotans who buy insurance on their own the option to keep their existing health plans another year.

Daytonsaid a letter from the state’s largest insurance companies convinced him that allowing some people that flexibility, as proposed by President Obama last week, would create too much confusion in the marketplace and could lead to ­premium increases.

In a response to the letter,Daytonsaid “Your letter makes clear that ­making the program changes offered by the president last week would be unworkable for your members and would likely cause more expensive health coverage for Minnesotans.”

 Executive Director of the Minnesota Council of Health Plans Julie Brunner wrote “The President’s announcement comes too late to allow health plans and our regulator to complete filings, rate approvals and communications regarding re-enrollments in time to prevent major market disruptions for Minnesotans in the individual marketplace.”

Republicans blasted the decision. House Republican Leader Kurt Daudt (R-Crown) released the following statement in response to Governor Mark Dayton’s announcement regarding the renewal of existing health insurance policies, which do not comply with the Affordable Care Act.

 “Hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans were recently notified that they will not be able to keep their current health insurance policies because of Governor Mark Dayton and Democrats’ implementation of ObamaCare. I’m disappointed Governor Dayton isn’t willing to allow Minnesotans to keep the plan and doctor of their choosing,” said Rep. Daudt. “Governor Dayton’s reversal today is disrespectful to hardworking Minnesotans and it’s time he and Democrat lawmakers take responsibility.”