“Man in Black” Sentencing Delayed 19 Nov 13

The sentencing of the bank robber known as the “Man In Black” was postponed on Monday after he filed 2 new motions in the case.

51-year-old Mark Wetsch, now known as Sheikh Bilaal Muhammad Arafat was arrested in St. Peter in January of 2012 after allegedly stealing around $110,000 from 31 banks throughout Minnesota, including in St. Peter, Gaylord and Cologne.

He had pleaded guilty to 5 counts as part of a plea deal, and prosecutors were asking that he spend 14 years in prison. But during his sentencing hearing on Monday, Wetsch claimed to have been coerced into accepting the plea agreement, and said that the 14-year sentence is not justifiable.

He filed two motions: one to withdraw his plea and one to have Judge Susan Nelson removed from his case. Nelson then delayed the sentencing and gave prosecutors until December 9th to respond to the motions.