Junkermeier Hearing 02 Dec 13

Willmar murder suspect Brok Junkermeier has a court hearing scheduled for Monday in Kandiyohi County District Court. The 19-year-old Junkermeier has an omnibus hearing scheduled this morning (9 a.m.) before Judge Donald Spilseth.

Junkermeier is charged with 1st Degree Murder for the July 29th strangulation and stabbing of 79-year-old Lila Warwick in her Willmar home.

On November 21st, Spilseth granted both Junkermeier’s and prosecution’s request that he be examined in light of the fact that his attorney may be pursuing a mental illness defense in his trial. Junkermeier will undergo the exam at the State Security Hospital in St. Peter and a report will be forwarded to Spilseth within 60 days.

Also charged in the case are Warwick’s grandson, Robert, and 16-year-old Devon Jenkins.