No Pay Raise for Kandiyohi Commissioners 04 Dec 13

The Kandiyohi County Commissioners opted Tuesday against giving themselves a raise for 2014.

Instead, the West Central Tribune reports they voted unanimously to keep their pay at the same level next year, just under $29,000.

The county commissioners’ per diem of $70 for attending meetings also will remain the same.

Discussion was brief and quick to reach a consensus.

The commissioners followed a tradition of granting themselves a pay raise some years but forgoing a raise other years. Their last pay raise, a 1 percent increase, was approved at the end of 2012 and took effect this year.

Pay increases for county employees are averaging 1.5 percent for the coming year.

The County Board also set minimum salary levels for the county’s elected officials, an action taken before the start of an election year so that potential candidates can know in advance what the salaries are.

Besides the county commissioners, there are four elected offices: county attorney, $77,499; county auditor-treasurer, $69,961; sheriff, $73,634; and recorder, $54,167. All four positions are up for election in 2014.