Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed in Buffalo Lake Accident 05 Dec 13

The family of 28-year-old Andrew Burnett says that he was wearing a body safety harness attached to a lanyard when he fell approximately 60 feet to his death while working Oct. 27, 2012, at the South Central Grain and Energy facility in Buffalo Lake.

The West Central Tribune reports the allegations are contained in a wrongful death civil lawsuit being brought by Burnett’s surviving spouse, Jill Burnett of New Ulm, and other next of kin, including his parents, Steve and Jan Burnett of Waseca.

Rescuers were unable to resuscitate Burnett, of New Ulm and originally of Waseca, when they reached the scene of the workplace accident, according to a report issued at the time by the Renville County Sheriff’s Office.

The lanyard and a rebar hook — a component piece of it — are a focus of the lawsuit.

The plaintiffs allege that the victim’s injuries “were the result of certain defects in the lanyard and its component parts.’’

The lanyard was manufactured by Honeywell International of Delaware, doing business as Miller Safety System and Miller Fall Protection. Honeywell and Miller Safety are named as first defendant in the lawsuit.

The civil lawsuit was filed in District Court inRenvilleCounty. Attorneys representing defendants in the case are to meet with the court Dec. 11 in Olivia to schedule a possible trial.

The defendants aggressively deny the allegations in responses they have filed to the lawsuit.