Hutchinson Trucking Company Fire 09 Dec 13

A fire early Sunday morning caused an estimated 1.6-million dollars in damage to the building and contents of a Hutchinson trucking company.

Hutchinson Fire Chief Brad Emans says they received a fire call just after 1am Sunday at the G.R. Daniels Trucking Inc at 19258 Turner Avenue in Acoma Township.

Emans says a truck driver arriving to pick up a load discovered the fire in the shop area.  The shop and office area burned.  The shop had three semi tractors and a farm tractor.  Emans says all the documents were able to be saved from the office.  The owners moved the papers to another location so they could continue to operate the business.

Emans says five fire departments were at the scene to help battle the blaze.

There were no injuries, but because of the 3 degree temperature and wind, Emans says they had some problems with the equipment freezing as they were fighting the fire.

The cause is under investigation.