Jenkins Pleads Guilty to 2nd Degree Murder in Warwick Death 10 Dec 13

Devon Jenkins of Willmar pleaded guilty this morning (Tuesday) to one count of Unintentional 2nd Degree Murder While Committing a Felony in connection with the July 29th slaying of 79-year-old Lila Warwick of Willmar.

As part of the plea agreement, KWLM reports a charge of Intentional 2nd Degree Murder was dismissed.

The 16-year-old Jenkins told Judge Michael Thompson that he and co-defendant Brok Junkermeier were smoking marijuana in Junkermeier’s car with two other juveniles during the early morning hours of July 29th. After they dropped off the other juveniles, he said Junkermeier told him he planned to rob and kill Lila Warwick, and they drove to her house and parked in her driveway.

Jenkins said Junkemeier wanted Jenkins to go in the house with him, and even offered him $5000 but Jenkins says he refused. When it appeared Junkermeier had cold feet, Jenkins said he asked him if he was going to do it, and felt it may have goaded him into committing the robbery and murder. Jenkins says when Junkermeier went in the house, he stayed in the car, watched Netflicks on his phone, then fell asleep. He awoke when Junkermeier came into the car, covered with blood, and they drove to McDonalds for breakfast, and then Junkermeier dropped Jenkins off at home.

Jenkins told Judge Thompson he didn’t think Junkermeier was actually going to do it, and said he should have tried to talk him out of it, or gotten out of the car earlier.

In court, Jenkins apologized, saying he was truly, deeply sorry for what happened and “would do anything to take it back, but I want to be a man and own up to my involvement.”

Jenkins will be sentenced January 27th.

Junkermeier’s trial is set for March 25th. Co-defendent Robert Warwick has a court hearing set for December 20th.