Hutchinson Adopts 2014 Budgets 11 Dec 13

The Hutchinson City Council adopted their 2014 budgets last night (Tuesday).

The General Fund Budget is just under $11-million.

The tax levy is about $6.6-million. City Controller Andy Reid says the General Fund levy is about $4.5-million, which is not an increase.  The Debt Service Levy is just over $2-million, which is a 5 percent increase over 2013.

The Creekside Fund budget is $2.6-million.

The Refuse fund budget is $1.25-million.

The Liquor fund budget is $5.4-million.

The water budget is $3.64-million.

The sewer budget is $5.2-million.

The storm water budget is just under $830,000.

The tax levy for the Hutchinson Redevelopment Authority is about $154,000.

The tax levy for the Economic Development Authority is about $150,000.